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This awesome, unique set of crunchy scented slime with a Dippin' Dots ice cream theme makes a perfect gift for kids who love slime (which - let's face it - is all kids). It comes in a pack of 4 - 3.3 ounce slimes, each with a different scent (banana split, rainbow ice, cookies and cream, and cotton candy). Buy several sets and divide them up to use as slime party favors at birthday parties! Put them in Easter baskets or Christmas stockings, or use them as rewards for good grades and positive behavior. You'll make any boy or girl ages 8-12 absolutely thrilled!


CRUNCHY SLIMES - This set of 4 already made slimes is made crunchy with colored foam balls in clear glue based, scented slime.

COOL SLIME SET - A unique Dippin' Dots theme makes these slimes extra awesome. Comes as a 4 pack of 3.3 ounce slimes in classic Dippin' Dots "flavors" and scents: blue cotton candy, cookies and cream, banana split, and blue rainbow ice.

FUN SLIME PLAY - These slimes do everything kids want them to do. They can poke them, stretch and pull them, and make great bubbles with them. It pops and inflates, and smells great..

NO MESS - Parents will love that these slimes are pre-made, so there is no slime making mess. A thick texture makes them not stick to hands and counters. Plus, each slime comes in a reusable container with a lid, so the slimes don't dry out.

DO NOT EAT! Slime is for girls and boys ages 8+ who know that even when it smells good, slime is not to be eaten.