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Chemistry Lab- OUT OF STOCK

Chemistry Lab- OUT OF STOCK

Chemistry Lab- OUT OF STOCK


Geek chic science: explore over 20 different experiments, with the inclusion of household items, that create bath bombs, crystals, slime and more!

Hands-on fun: make science fun! Learn the basic pillars of chemistry While creating ooey-gooey, exploding compounds

On-the-go: The convenient carrying case makes it possible to setup your science lab anywhere! Store all of your scientific observations, experiments and creations

Lab includes: storage case, goggles, color dye, bath bomb mold, cornstarch, epsom salt, flask, beaker, tubes, fuzzy sticks, sand, zinc, baking soda, white glue, oil, funnel, stick, poster, booklet

Instruction booklet: downloadable PDF instruction booklet available below. See "user guide".

Age range: 6 years & up